Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You’ve placed your trust in us by using our services, and we endeavour to uphold that. For us, that means we’re committed to protecting and safeguarding any personal data you give us. It is in our customers interests that we act and remoin transparent about the processing of your personal data. Our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data that we receive through your use of our Services are explained in this Privacy Policy. Please read it carefully, and Geniefie! Collection and Use of Personal Data Personal Data that We Share with Third-parties Your Choices The Security of Your Personal Data Our Policy Toward Children Other Legal Matters Further Clarifications Collection and Use of Personal Data The primary end towards which we collect information is to provide our Services and periodically upgrade them. to administer your use of such Services, and enable you to intuitively and easily navigate our App and Services, Account Information. When you create a Genlefie Account, we’ll collect certain Personal Data that can be used to identify you, such as your name and email address (“PII”), If you create an Account using your login credentials from other Accounts, we’ll have access to and collect your name, email address, profile information, and other Pil that your privacy settings on the other Accounts permit us to access. This Personal Data is used to ensure the security and privacy of your information. Your Personal Data may also be used to provide you with a more personalised experience when using our Services, for example. Trip Information. In using our Services, you may provide Personal Data involving your travel plans, schedules, preferences, bookings, attachments, and other similar information. Additionally, you may provide Geniefie Personal Data regarding other Users who are travelling with you, or are included in your trips. We use this Personal Data to improve our Services for you and your co-travellers. These Services can include sending emails, notifications, messages etc that contain reminders, ads and deals that we judge relevant to your trip and travelling experience. Personal Data Collected Using Cookies and other Web Technologies. As many website owners and operators do, we use automated data collection tools such as Cookies and Web Beacons. These enable us to collect certain Personal Data that helps us optimise our Services for individual users like you. For additional information regarding our use of Cookies and other Web technologies, please see our Cookie Policy ( Personal Data Related to Use of the Services. Our servers automatically recard certain information about how a person uses our Services (we refer to this information as “Log Data”), including Account holders (a “User”). Log Data may include Personal Data such as a User’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system, the web page that a User was visiting befare accessing our Services, the pages or features of our Services to which a User browsed and the time spent on those pages or features, which third-party website. hosted the Services that brought a User the Services, search terms, information a User inputs related to their trip planning, adjustments made to existing itinerary, the links on our Services that a User clicked on, clickstream, session playback and statistics. We use Log Data to administer the Services and we analyse (and may engage third-parties to analyse) Log Data to improve, personalise and enhance our Services by expanding their features and functionality and tailoring then to our Individual Users’ needs and preferences. We may use a person’s IP address to generate aggregate, non-identifying information about how our Services are used. We may use it to Improve your experience with the site, for example, to automatically determine the start and end city for your trip, to smooth your app experience of our app and Services. Personal Data Sent by Your Mobile Device. There is certain information that your mobile device shares when you are using our Services. We collect Information such as device identifiers, user settings, and the functioning operating system of your device. Additionally, the information about your use of Genietie Services is also collected by us. Personal Data of such types may be used, for example, to allow for a Geniefie experience that is optimised for your device. Location Information. When you use our Services.

we may collect and store information regarding your location by converting yourIP address into a rough geo-location or by accessing your device’s GPS coordinates or coarse location if you enable location services on your device. We may use such Personal Data to improve and ersonalise our Services for you, for example, by automatically determining the best route for your Geniefie trip, or suggesting nearby locations for your convenience. Geniefie collects location data for the following To detect your current location while creating a new itinerary. Recommending places near your location. Geniefie collects background location Information to provide realtime Information for the following Time to reach a point of interest Time to leave a point of interest. Travel time with traffic considerations. When the user reaches or leaves a point of interest. Personal Data you give us about other Users. We may receive Personal Data about other Users. such as your co-travellers, through you. It is necessary to point out that the responsibility of ensuring that those Users you provide information about are made aware of and approve this information being shared lies with you. Further, their acceptance of our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy is also your responsibility as a User. Other usages. In addition to the aforementioned purposes, we may use your Personal Data to provide a more personalised or customised experience to you, solicit feedback from you, for quality assurance, for customer support, to prevent fraud and scam, and to ensure proper operation of our Services. Personal Data that We Share with Third-parties We do not rent or sell your Pil, We will not share any Personal Data that we have collected from or regarding you except as described below: Personal Data Shared with Our Services Providers. Third-party services may be engaged by us to support our administration and providing of our Services. These third-party services providers have informed us or the general public that they apply security measures they consider adequate for the protection of Personal Data within their system, or they have a general reputation for applying such measures. One example of these third-party service providers are travel agents who should contact you or provide assistance with your bookings. Personal Data Shared with Third-parties for Advertising and Research. We may share non-Pil Personal Data with third parties (for example Google Analytics, Data Management Platforms), for demographic profiling, industry research & analysis, advertising, sales, marketing, case-studies, feedback collection, and other legally permissible purposes. For supplementary information regarding our disclosure of information to third-party advertising companies. Personal Data Disclosed In Connection with Business Transactions. Personal Data that we collect from our users, including Pll, is considered to be a business asset. Thus, if we are acquired by a third party as a result of a transaction. such as a merger, acquisition or asset sale or if our assets are acquired by a third party in the event we go out of business or enter bankruptcy, some or all of our assets, including your Pil, may be disclosed or transferred to a third-party acquirer in connection with the transaction. Personal Data Disclosed for Our Protection and the Protection of Others. In order to enforce and comply with the law, we cooperate