Welcome to Geniefie, the user-friendly trip planner app designed to save your time in planning your leisure trips. Let us share the story behind it. When we encountered the challenges of planning leisure time on a nano scale and discovering unique unbox locations…, we observed a need for a tool that seamlessly integrates a thoughtful itinerary-building mechanism with an incredible inventory. This includes expert-selected hotels, fantastic activities, convenient connections, and the concept of unboxing locations or nano and short trips. Thus, Geniefie was born, offering you everything in one place – an incredible selection of destinations spanning the entire globe.

As experts in our field, we share our expertise with you. Initially, we’ll steer you through the planning process, offering insights into optimal routes, trip durations, and must-have local experiences for each city. Subsequently, trust us as you craft customised itineraries, with our support available every step of the way. Once you’ve assembled your travel ideas, reap the reward – your self-curated, professional travel itinerary. Revel in the thrill of trip planning without intermediaries or payment, and embark on a journey to explore the vastness of the world, unlocking new horizons with Geniefie!

Spend less time searching and more time planning! Everything you need, all in one place.

Embark on your next vacation swiftly and effortlessly. Craft the narrative of your journey with Geniefie in just a few clicks.

Our Team

Siddartha Biswas

Founder & CMO

Jai Sogani

Co- Founder & CBO

Soman Nandy


Sandeep Kuriakose


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